Who We Are

New-Rule is a small, woman owned business dedicated to big results in rule of law (ROL), human rights, and democracy and governance. Drawing on decades of experience in the field, the New-Rule Team is committed to converting lessons-identified to lessons-applied. Our clients understand that each situation requires specific expertise, and when combined with practical experience, is a key to successful programs. ...more

The lessons learned demonstrate that rule of law is about norms, values, and needs, which shape and regulate behavior, as well as formal institutions and processes. To fully comprehend a specific rule of law mixture, rule of law assistance providers must assess and maintain an understanding of the specific local modalities and constituencies, and how these incorporate local interests, skills, beliefs, concerns, relationships, and business processes—both formal and informal... 
Legal Traditions
The process of globalization increasingly intertwines the legal systems of all nations, making an understanding of our differences and similarities an essential tool for working across borders. In the West, there are two predominant legal cultures, common law and civil law. While vast differences are often presumed, even a basic understanding of both legal traditions reveals a number of points of convergence, and an introductory vocabulary is sufficient for meaningful discourse...

  What We Do

New-Rule specializes in the provision of a full range of ROL, human rights, and democracy and governance technical services. Today, there is an increasingly large number of organizations that require senior expertise, but they cannot afford to employ senior experts full-time, or in sufficient numbers to meet their needs during periods of increased demand. ... more

Monitoring And Evaluation
Monitoring and Evaluation
Sound principles, good design, and reliable operations are key to rule of law programming. However, rule of law reform programming, like the concept itself, is a process. The ongoing monitoring and evaluation of outputs is essential to refining operations and designs. Achieving the ultimate objectives implies a constant commitment to learning from implementation...
Doctrine and Strategy Development

The post-conflict environment is defined by disorder and the breakdown of the formal legal system, and each post-conflict situation is different. Rule of law experts cannot expect to employ many of the legal tools, and approaches their training and prior international experience has prepared them to rely on. In this setting, a rule of law expert's effectiveness depends upon her or his ability to rapidly integrate into a diverse range of legal, cultural, educational, and professional conditions...

  • In July 2017, PartnersGlobal and New-Rule won a new regional anti-corruption project from the British Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO). This opportunity will combine the PartnersGlobal “Islands of Integrity” approach and New-Rule expertise on international standards and processes to fight corruption.
  • In January 2017, New-Rule’s Scott Carlson and Kyra Buchko accepted an invitation from Street Law, Inc., to join their Leadership Circle. Both have had collaborated with Street Law over the years, and they are looking forward to working more closely with Street Law in the future.
  • PartnersGlobal and a subcontractor, New-Rule, are selected to provide services to the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations. 
  • UNDP Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery selects New-Rule to join their Expert Roster for the 2014-2019 time period.