Civil Society Innovation Initiative

New-Rule is working with Counterpart International on their USAID-funded Civil Society Innovation Initiative (CSII) to conduct a global legal aid survey, the results of which will be used in the development of a mobile app that will allow legal defenders and civil society leaders to easily contact one another for assistance and the exchange of lessons-learned. Civil society organizations (CSOs) participating in CSII repeatedly identified the need to gather and make this information readily available.

New-Rule partner, iVote, is designing and developing the mobile
application that will house this data, as shown, in searchable database, utilizing geospatial information systems (GIS) technology. When completed, this tool will link legal defenders and those in need of their knowledge and services together in real time.

To support the piloting of this initiative, New-Rule is surveying legal defender offices, legal aid service providers, and other parties knowledgeable about criminal and/or civil legal aid systems in countries around the globe. We invite you, your organization, and/or trusted partners to participate in this brief, multiple-choice questionnaire by clicking the link(s) below: (English)  (Spanish) (French)

The survey seeks information about the legal aid system in all countries as well as recommended providers and organizations to contact for legal aid services. We would also appreciate suggestions for other groups and individuals whom we can invite to participate, which is one of the survey questions. Any information that you can provide will be appreciated. So,
please feel free to forward the survey links broadly. We have learned from others that gathering this type of information is not easy, and we will follow-up as needed.

 We kindly request that respondents complete the survey as soon as possible, and we welcome your questions or comments as our group develops the mobile app prototype for this resource requested by CSOs. Thank you in advance for any time you can spare to participate in this survey on the status of legal aid services and providers. Your expertise and feedback is vital to the success of the project, which will enhance networks and expand connections among legal aid organizations and service providers and the communities they serve.
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