New-Rule is a small, woman owned business dedicated to big results in rule of law (ROL), human rights, and democracy and governance. Drawing on decades of experience in the field, the New-Rule Team is committed to converting lessons-identified to lessons-applied. Our experts work on research, analysis, design, capture, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation because these disciplines are their chosen professions. Whether it is bringing technical expertise to an implementer, organization, or individual, the New-Rule ethos is that advancing the field and the needs of its clients can, and should, go hand in hand.

Launched in 2013, New-Rule has advised a variety of clients, including governments, international development companies, and scholarly institutes. Senior technical expertise with tested field experience is mission critical to peace-building, development, and related sectors, and New-Rule is committed to converting all relevant guidance and knowledge into practical approaches, strategies, and interventions. Our experts understand the ROL and human rights are inextricably intertwined with stable, transparent, accountable governance.

New-Rule experts bring large networks of professionals that they have worked with personally and can vouch for. Moreover, New-Rule specializes in an innovative solutions harnessing the latest technological advances and practices. Our clients understand that each situation requires specific expertise, and when combined with practical experience, is a key to successful programs. New-Rule offers expertise for all such applications without the overhead and costs associated with larger firms, making ROL, human rights, and democracy governance an affordable option for all clients.
We Stand For:

Vigilance. New-Rule engages its network daily to keep abreast of new developments in democracy, governance, and human rights. Our team believes lessons must be captured and understood to be learned.

Ambition. New-Rule aspires to maintain the most sophisticated network of expertise available, increasing value while lowering cost of access to senior professionals. The team reflects an interdisciplinary, technology-friendly approach that seeks to provide the best value for its clients.

Devotion. All New-Rule personnel have chosen to work on democracy, governance, and human rights based on a personal commitment to the field. Our team is field tested and readily understands that persistence is a key to success.