Innovations and Solutions. New-Rule specializes in the provision of a full range of ROL, human rights, and democracy and governance technical services. Today, there is an increasingly large number of organizations that require senior expertise, but they cannot afford to employ senior experts full-time, or in sufficient numbers to meet their needs during periods of increased demand. With New-Rule, dedicated senior experts are the rule, not the exception. To keep clients coming back, New-Rule brings senior engagement at all phases of our work. Our goal is to always provide a group of skilled professionals crafting and supplying tailored solutions to meet client specific needs. 

New-Rule developed an innovative approach utilizing a network of expertise that is ready to execute programs independently or in support of larger organizations that need assistance. New-Rule clients have included international development agencies, technical assistance providers, and research institutes. While New-Rule offers the full range of services, certain requests are more common in the ROL, human rights, and democracy and governance fields. Our solutions fall in four broad categories:  

Doctrine and Strategy DevelopmentDoctrine and Strategy Development for international organizations and donors is an example of where New-Rule can help the client take the time to reflect, and improve upon, their business approach. 

Innovative Program Design and Implementation Management. Translating strategy into effective program design is the crucial first step to successful programming. Once the proper design is in place, the next challenge is how to ensure effective program implementation. New-Rule stands ready to assist with both phases.

Monitoring and EvaluationMonitoring and Evaluation is an example of where New-Rule can help an implementer get an external perspective on their programs. Reviewing and refining programming is the industry best practice.

Research and AnalysisTheory, practice, and policy are a dynamic system that doesn't always follow logical progression. Now, more then ever, there is a need for reflection and consideration of lessons identified.  New-Rule is committed to converting these lessons identified to lessons learned.

New-Rule is networked across this technical space. Even where it may not be a core competence, we are ready to support colleagues focused on results.
New-Rule Impact

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