Doctrine and Strategy Development. When promoting rule of law and associated reforms, professionals and experts benefit from reliance on multilateral guidance. Reforms that arise out of broad-based consensus are more likely to prove persuasive. Incorporation of these themes into the design of program strategies is a core element of success.

Street Law Leadership Circle. In early 2017, New-Rule's Scott Carlson and Kyra Buchko accepted an invitation from Street Law, Inc., to join their Leadership Circle. Both have had collaborated with Street Law over the years, and are looking forward to working more closely with Street Law in the future. 

Rule of Law Strategy Development, Egypt. For USAID/Egypt, Scott Carlson, assessed justice sector actors in Egypt, reporting on their status and identifying potential areas of engagement. Phase I consisted of initial field research and analysis completed in 2013. Phase II involving the design of an overall USAID Rule of Law Strategy was contracted for completion in early 2014.

UN Primer - Justice Components in Multidimensional Peacekeeping Operations.  
New-Rule CEO Scott Carlson drafted this programmatic guidebook based on a prior DPKO Lessons-Learned Study.

New-Rule Impact

Jordanian Justice Sector Assessment

Court Automation at the East African Court of Justice

Comparative Study of the Rule of Law Programs in Afghanistan and Iraq

Expert Rule of Law Opinion